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My Thoughts On Postumus



              Lets talk about Postumus

 Many years ago when seeing my first coin of Postumus

 I was struck by the instant feeling of I know this man,

 there before me was a slightly overweight,rotund man who

 looked like the local butcher or baker.He was cheerful

 with a pleasant face, It looked like he liked a drink and a

 good joke, the type you could spend a pleasant evening

 at the local tavern with. For me it was a stark difference

 from the staunch milatary type of portraits seen on Romes

 official coins, I had to know more of this Postumus.

 The public relations man had done an excelent job of

 building the atraction of Postumus to the local populace

 by retaining a very skilful celator who was able to catch

 the essence and spirit of Postumus with his skill.

 The words and thought above are mine, please feel free

 to express your own thought.
 If you have a portrait of Postumus fitting my description

 please post here thanks.    Digger.

Ken W2:

Hey Digger:  Yes, he does appear jovial, almost Santa like, on some issues. I think that of some of Tacitus’ coins too.


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