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HN Italy Original Casts

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I received a really amazing gift yesterday--all the original casts from Keith Rutter's HN Italy!  I'm over the moon with joy, and today the casts for Campanian Coinages are due to arrive.

What an honor to be their custodian. I've already learned so much reassembling them.  There's just something about a 3D copy that even the best photos can't match.

Jay GT4:


--- Quote from: Jay GT4 on October 19, 2022, 10:28:55 am ---WOW!

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I know, right?

That's absolutely fantastic!  Congratulations.

Hi Nick,

Congratulations! :)

But I am confused. What exactly are these casts?

Did Rutter actually have each of those coins in his possession? And did he make casts of every one of them? Is that what these casts are?

I find this confusing because, when a reference book is written, the author doesn't need to have the actual coins in his possession. But how would you make a cast of something you don't have?

And why are casts even necessary?



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