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Adding to my coin attributions: weight, diameter, and die axis

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It's amazing what a couple of simple tools can do, specifically digital scales, calipers, and little pieces of paper with clock faces printed on them.

I'm rounding out my attributions to include die alignment and maximum diameters for my coin collection.  I picked up a compact scale five years ago and embarked on a mission to weigh and record the weights of my coins, which I had sometimes neglected.  I have now procured a caliper and read some practical advice in the discussion boards. I am going to go through my collection again, recording diameters and adding die axes.

I've learned about a lot of references and some best practices from Forum, particularly in coin attributions. There is a succinct entry in Numiswiki for attributions, joining some Coin 101 entries, including |Die Alignment 101 and |Diameter 101. 

I was a tad unsure about the value of die axes, but as I am going through my collection anyway, what harm would it do? And I flipped back and forth on whether to use degrees or clock hours, and I decided on the clock face because of its very imprecision. I just don't want to be too fussy.  Having practiced with Die Alignment 101, I devised a suitable clock face of my own and printed it out on 2"x2" (50mm) paper. See below. 

Sample result: my denarius of Manlia Scantilla will be listed as: AR Denarius (2.79 gm, 18 mm, 6h) of Rome.

It is going to take time for me to go through all the coins, recording results in my database, and then posting updates to my Forum member gallery.  I will just have to be persistent.

Virgil H:
I also started adding die orientation, as well, a while back and updated all my collection tags. I settled on degrees I think only because it seemed more common, but I also see hours a lot, I think both are fine (or either). I try to get within 5-10 degrees, so I am not looking for precision. I think most I see are rounded off much as clock hours are. There are some coins, such as some from Elymais, where you have no clue what the orientation is. For these, I just don't even attempt to record anything.


Joe Sermarini:
I only try to be accurate to 15 degrees.

Jay GT4:
I've wanted to add die axis for a long time but have never gotten around to it.  Big job to go through them all.  I may just start from new ones I add for now.

Virgil H:
I think 15 degrees is fine. Jay, my collection is not that big, so I could do it once I realized it was a useful attribute. The bigger the collection, the more time involved.



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