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First Coin With a TV Set?

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Virgil H:
I hope it is OK to post this as it is really just a frivolous funny thing that I have been laughing at for a few days now. I know we are supposed to be serious here. LOL. This coin is for sale in the Forum store and I may or may not end up buying it, but if you want it be warned I will probably pull the plug and buy it soon if no one else does first. I am attributing this coin as the first one depicting a television set, back in the day when we had rabbit ear antennas. It is actually a pretty cool coin.

GB97289. Bronze AE 15, SNG Cop 115; SNG Ashmolean 1431; BMC Troas p. 113, 95 (obverse described as altar); SNGvA -, VF, porous, off center, Kyme (near Nemrut Limani, Turkey) mint, weight 2.964g, maximum diameter 14.5mm, die axis 180o, c. 2nd - 1st Century B.C.; obverse inscribed tablet and two styli; reverse kantharos, K-Y across fields; ex Leu Numismatics, web auction 12 (30 - 31 May 2020), lot 2024 (part of); rare;

Photo from Forum store listing.


Steve Moulding:
That's brilliant  :D  Great coin!


It does +++

There is considerable debate in the numismatic literature as to whether these types were issued simultaneously with a Winky Dink Magic Screen.   The hoard evidence is hotly debated, ranging from firm beliefs that all such finds are mixed votive deposits to accusations of "salting" the hoards.
       Another, now largely discounted, theory holds that it depicts an Etch-a-Sketch.
       (Of course, there's  a YouTube video claiming the coin is evidence that space aliens gave us Lite Brite technology, which was then lost for nearly two millenia.)


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