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Collecting & research participation vs. showing off

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Sorry Alex, but just  just dropping pictures is getting very common. I actually meant the 3 Legionary coins  of Sept Severus. And I think that some previous knowledgible  memvbers have just dropped out of sight. The quality of Forum' s   posts is not what it's used to be

Some like you is still here but it seems a lot have migrated to CT.

Ron C2:
Anyone interested in any of the coins I post can see them in my gallery (see signature link).  For convenience, I updated the post and included links to more info.

In my view, cointalk is a non-serious forum, popular because of a like button. 

Thanks Ron C2, But I know that a couple of Stalwarts appear not to use Forum Like They used to . Or even have stopped collecting coins!.

I have even noted that when I have posted interesting stuff in Romans like the CIVIL WAR EID MARS most coin coillectors never new existed, the posts were minimal and so where the theories why a 100 year old design was used.  There seems only a huge lack of interest only showing off. I noticed that since I also was banned from CT that nobodyy has noticed me missing. but the amount of Greek postings has dropped considarably and litrature I regularly supplied is almost dead. And some egregious errors are proliforating.

From my Academia paper The BM , UNESCO 1970, Coin Collectors and me undrer my name of John Arnold Nisbet

Amongst the coin collectors there is a range of collector types; those who value coins purely as art works and investment potential, those who collect, classify and then squirrel them away in their own secret closet showing them off occasionally as a star prize in a smug self-satisfying way and those who not only collect but try to genuinely add value by studying and adding to the corpus of knowledge by adding academic research to them.

Certainly I classify myself in the final category and there are others, who whether acknowledged by the professionals or not, diligently can handle the complexities of numismatic research with their small collections rather than the museums with their vast and diverse collections that seem to overwhelm their resources in so many ways.

...But purely just to show off is irrelevent.

wiIthout research what is the point....They are a bit like the BUNKER HUNTS! And the anonymouyse person who bought the gold EID MAR Have you heard of it since? It';s in vault somewhere proibably in its PLASTIC container waiting to be sold again. Thank god for ROMA researching it and publishing it  I dont buy the provenace of it being hidden by an aristocratic family after years in their private unpublished collection one little bit!

Ron C2:
I understand your point, but I think it's better to move the discussion to a new thread in the more generic "ancient coin forum".  That said, I think many of us have busy careers and coin collecting is done in the hours we can afford to devote to it.  Relatively few who can afford nice coins can also afford the time to research every piece thoroughly.

I also think that a great majority of collectors are not posting about their hobbies on forums for a variety of reasons, including concern for the security of their homes and collections.

While I care about my coins and their history, to a certain extent I collect them as well for their artistry and intrinsic value as an artifact.  Though I virtually never sell any coins, so the value part is somewhat moot.

I also think that the opportunity to add to the body of knowledge about a coin type is not equal for all types of collectors at all levels of the hobby.  Those around for decades with vast collections containing enough of the right examples to actually study them in a way that adds to coin research is not a large segment of the community, not matter one's ambitions.

Some of us enjoy reading the travailles of the more learned members of the community and hope to one day acquire the rarer pieces they read about.  That fuels much of the market, I think.  And that's OK, unless we want to see the hobby die out.

I think an un-tapped area of study that can leverage these sites would be to assemble "virtual samples" through his res photos of specific types we know little about so many examples can be compared to discover new things - just a thought.

I was wondering the same thing about less interest.  I had gone silent for about a half dozen years; it seemed that whenever I would check in, there was some depressing fed attack upon U.S. coin collectors, which caused me to stop checking in.

It does seem like it's less busy than before, but the navigation makes it difficult to check back to c. 2010, to check the frequency of posts.  Prominent posters whom I remember are still here.  Wasn't there a collector (posted often) c. 2010 who specialized in Ptolemaic coins?

There's also fakebook and various social media things which are draining all kinds of discussion groups.

Coin dealers also seem to cycle over the years.  I wonder whatever became of Dr. Alexander Fishman? 

Not to be a suckup, but Forum's fast service hasn't changed.  My most recent order was very quick. I should probably check in before ordering next time, if I want insurance on the package. Reputable coin dealers are generally nice and honest people.  I can't remember who it was, but I had a beautiful Sassanian which was lost in the mail. It must have been a postal accident, for an Allen Berman order at the same moment took forever, but arrived in a disheveled condition (coins were fine).  Anyway, although there wasn't any insurance on the package, the dealer sent me a similar one.  The one and only truly lost coin I've had.

The happy one constant is that Forum is one of my go-to coin dealers when I feel like buying coins.

There's also the problem of a lot of us are getting older, and people retire or die off.  I'm 'only' 45, but my old time radio hobby is having the same problem. While things have never been better for me, the hobby itself seems not to attract a ton of young people. I would suspect ancients are in the same boat.

Per the EID MAR, I understand the point, but in that particular case it'd be safer not to brag about having the coin, especially in today's turbulent times. In my old time radio hobby, I always try to document each disc (the labels are valuable research tools, I document if there's a story behind the disc, or any special thing about it), but while I consider having an uncirculated disc of say, Jack Benny (although I don't have any uncirc. ones of that show), the wider world doesn't care about OTR and it's hardly likely that I'm going to be attacked for it. The disc is also wayyyyy less valuable than an EID MAR.


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