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On behalf of Doug Dann and Myself, I would like to thank all the members of this site. We accept the award and will display it proudly at the bottom of the site right in the middle.

I would like to say that this Forum was a great starting point in my collecting and it has been here many times to help along the way. If it weren't for the great members here, I may not have pursued the hobby as much as I have. I am sure Doug and the others can say that as well.

The members of this site are the world's best in our opinion and we are very happy to be associated in any way with that.

dougdann asked me to post his reply for him:

"This is totally unexpected. Ralph and myself appreciate this very much and will continue to help support and promote the ancients. But this is not without alot of help from many people who have contributed to the site. We appreciate you all and thank you for all the work put into the ACV. Thank you."


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