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Henry VI, Restored 2nd Reign.


Added this groat to my British gallery:

Groat, 2'nd (Restored) Reign, Oct. 1470 - Apr. 1471. London mint.

Obverse: +HENBICV DI GBA BEX ANGL Z FBANC / Crowned bust facing.
Reverse: +POSVI DEVM ADIVTOBE MEVM CIVITAS LONDON / Long cross with three pellets in each angle.
Mint Marks: Cross pattee (6) on obverse; Restoration Cross (13) on reverse.

2.84 gm., 26 mm.
North #1617; Seaby #2082.

- On many coins of this reign the R looks like a B.
- Many coins of this reign are missing the S at the end of the king's name.
- The mint marks also identify it as coming from Henry's 2'nd (restored) reign.

Great coin  +++



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