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John Hyrcanus I Menorah Lead Seal? Probably Not Antigonus?


Pete B:
Hello Everyone! Just wondering af anyone has seen anything like this item? It's about 15mm, cast Lead. I think it dates to John Hyrcanus I, but I'm quite the novice at this. The base of the Menorah doesn't seem to match anything that Antigonus had issued...

This looks like a seal of the later Roman/early Byzantine period. However, I am always extremely hesitant with anything depicting a Menorah. The reverse of your seal should have a monogram or inscription, but I can't make sense of it. Perhaps a better photo. Note that seals almost always have a die axis of 12.00 which helps photographing it the right way up.

Pete B:
Hi Gert,

That IS the die axis for 12:00... it mimics a Lulav seen on King/High Priest coins from Judaea. There are two big dots separated by it. The inscription is J / r Y h


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