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T. C. LADD copper token, FOREDAVIO Vienna, Austria


Yami P:
 Hi all:
I recently acquired this "token" which appears to be of copper, 1g , 2cm in diameter. It has a hole. On one side it has T.C LADD in the center surrounded by FOREDAVIO VIENNA MADE IN AUSTRIA . What does FOREDAVIO mean? The other side has a standing lion facing right with a small letter "L" on the left. The details are clearly visible.
I am guessing the time period is  1800-1900. I managed track down who T. C. LADD is; he was from Ceylon. Is this in anyway connected to Ceylon? A token for songs/music or a book??


Yami.  I am not sure if there are any token experts here.  However, there are several at the worldofcoins forum.  You may have more luck there.



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