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Byzantine Seal of Ioannes Hexamilites late 11th Century


I just acquired an interesting addition to my Ioannes/John Byzantine seal collection  It is a seal of Ioannes Hexamilites, patrikios, hypatos and judge of the Hippodrome and of Opsikion, 11th Century 24 mm, 9.82 g, 12 h. 
Obverse:  The Mother of God seated facing on a cushioned and backless throne, holding infant Christ on her lap.
Reverse:.[+ΘKЄ R,HΘ, / IⲰ ΠPI VΠA/TⲰ] KPITH [TOV] / IΠΠOΔPOM[૪ S] / TOV OΨIKI[OV] / TW ЄΞAMIΛ, / *TH* in seven lines.

DO Seals III 39.14. Alexandra-Kyriaki Wassiliou: Die Familie Hexamilites. Ein Beitrag zur Byzantinischen Prosopographie, in: Hellenika 52 (2002) 

The Dumbarton Oaks collection has two examples of this seal.  BZS.1951.31.5.386 and BZS.1955.1.3052  Their online catalogue states that a "udge of the Hippodrome named Hexamilites is mentioned in two of the more recent chapters of the Peira (7,16; 41,9). He could be identical to the owner of the present seal. "



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