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(Database on Biblical Coins)

This is an excellent web site for classifying coins of the type considered.

However, I believe the webmaster must be asked directly if he has copyright permission for reproducing images from so many print sources without stating he has received permission.

The webmaster is a published author with numerous credits, so one would hope he protects the intellectual property of others, but there is no indication on his site (that I could find) that states he has permission. I will vote yes if he adds that permission.


Joe Sermarini:
He asked permission to use all the images he has used from FORVM and I am very confident he has permission to use the other images as well.   These quotes from the website are from the people who provided the images:  

"A long needed gift to numismatics" Michael FOX (Chairman, Israel Numismatic Society)

"Very very impressive work!!!" David HENDIN (Numismatist, Amphora Coins)

" Congratulations on your excellent website" Shraga QEDAR (Numismatist, Qedar Numismatics)

"A wonderful and important work" Donald TZVI ARIEL (Head of the Coin Department, Israel Antiquities Authority)

"Congratulations!" Haim GITLER (Curator of Numismatics, The Israel Museum)

"What a work! And what a nice and usefull tool for scolars and researchers!" J.L. VAN DER SCHUEREN (IAPN Gen. Secr.)

"A remarkable work" Dr. Yannis STOYAS (Archaeologist-Numismatist, Numismatic Museum, Athens)

"A valuable contribution to Biblical research and scholarship" K.  McCAFFREY (Librarian, Ecole Biblique de Jerusalem)

"Quite a noble project" Kerry WETTERSTROM (Editor The Celator)

"It truly is fascinating" Andrea HOFFMAN (Director DJSL, Hillel Foundation)

"Very impressive, you are to be congratulated" Bill McDONALD (CMNS Officer)

"Fascinating. Very important for the researcher and also dealer" H. ZURQIEH (Numismatist, Obedas Coins)

"A wonderful compilation" Marc BREITSPRECHER (Numismatist, Ancient Imports)

"I love your site"  William ROSENBLUM (Numismatist, Rosenblum Coins)

"A wonderful and much needed addition to the web"  Luke GRIFFIN (Numismatist, Roman

"It was very necessary to create a site like this" Sami TAHA (Numismatist, Venus Galleries)

"Very ambitious. A great start" Ronn BERROL (Numismatist, & article writer)

"A very worthwhile and formatable project" Sandy BRENNER (Numismatist, Jerusalem Coins)

"Very useful to numismatic scholars" Andrew POLLOCK (Numismatist, Numismalink)

"Very nice website. I’m sure I will find it useful for attributing" Joseph SERMARINI (Numismatist, Forum)

"Excellent site!" Bill PUETZ (Numismatist, V Coins)

"I love your site! You've done some very fine work in this area" Perry SIEGEL (Numismatist, Herakles)

"Awesome and unique! A real contribution to numismatics!" Peter BURBULES (Numismatist, Akropolisz)

"Your website is becoming a great tool!" Alex FISHMAN (Numismatist, Ancient Coins Canada)

"Amazing undertaking. What you have done is very impressive" R. KOKOTAILO  (Numismatist, Calgary Coins)

"Your project is very grand and your efforts most commendable" Bruce MUNDAY  (Numismatist)

"This is truly a magnificent project" Prof. Walter BLOOM (Numismatist, Murdoch University)

"Biblical coin collectors and numismatists all owe you a debt of gratitude for your efforts!" Dr.  Marty KENIGSBERG (Numismatist)

"I applaud your hard work" Dr. Paul GOLDSTEIN (Numismatist, University of Texas)

"It is outstanding" Dr.  Jan S. TECKLIN (Numismatist, Arcadia University)

"It is truly magnificent work" Dr. Jerzy CIECIEL (Department of Ancient History, Cracow University)

" A colossal and very useful project"  Dr. LOPEZ-SANCHEZ (Numismatist, Universidad de Zaragoza)

"A very impressive effort and a valuable resource"  Prof. Mike EPSTEIN (Dept of Science, Mount Saint Mary's College)

"It is a great idea, congratulations!" Dr. Peter LEWIS (Numismatist & writer)

"Your site really is extraordinary and your dedication is astounding" Dr. Alan WALKER (Numismatist, Leu-Numismatik)

"This website is extraordinarily ambitious. One can only applaud and support what should be a life's commitment" (CGB, Paris)

"Congratulations! It will be useful and interesting for many colleagues" Uri PINUS (Numismatist, Uripi)

"A magnificent site" Jean STERN (Numismatist)

"Excellent site already. Congratulations!" Dr. Boris A. PORTNOV (Numismatist)

"A great idea!" Reuven PRAGER (Numismatist, Beged Ivry)

"Congratulations, I am very impressed!" Ken BAUMHECKEL (Numismatist)

"A major undertaking" Bruce BRACE (Numismatist & article writer)

"A wonderfull website" Rick NICKELS (Numismatist)

"An impressive undertaking" Frank KOVAKS (Numismatist, Frank Kovacks)

"Very impressive! Best of success" Jim HALPERIN (Numismatist, Heritage Coins)

"Unique and very important" MOSES (Numismatist, Sigma Coins)

I think the comments indicate they know about the site and have given permission.  

This is a reply from the owner of this site:
Dear Sir,
Thank you very for the Web Award. I am pleased to have won it, and I added it at the top of the Menorah Coin Project homepage with a link to your site.
Please transmit my salutations to Joe Sermarini.
Jean-Philippe Fontanille.

Glad you managed to track him down.


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