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Award Committee Member Term Lengths - Award Poll


We will have periodic confirmations/elections (still working out the dynamics of how they will operate) for members in the awards committee, except for myself since I am committee chairman and moderator for this awards board.  Incumbents will be allowed to be reconfirmed/run again if they wish.  So, the question to y'all is - how long do you think a term in office should be?

Kevin  8)

It would be good to have the longer term, but stager the point where someone changes like our congress here in the US. Change a part of the team every quarter .............. end of March, end of June, end of Sept and end of year. Just a thought.........

If we were talking about parliament I'd agree with you; it would be good for democracy if governments were faced with the possibility of losing power every year rather than every four years or so. As it is, all we need is some reassurance that the comittee has the confidence of other people. So lets keep it simple.

I had thought about staggered terms like the U.S. Senate, but like Robert would rather keep it simple and have one election time for all at the same time (plus it is less work for me :tongue: ).  There are already enough polls going for the websites themselves so a periodic poll for each committee member might let lost in the mix vs. one highly publicized election.  However, if this is starting to make you cringe from the thought of another omnibus poll don't worry.  I have come up with a way to set up the election so you can vote for five people (to fill five seats).

Kevin  8)


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