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I joined Forum Ancient Coins this year and have spent some time uploading coins into galleries and catching up on a decade or more of discussion boards. Yesterday I finally got myself a book on Celtic coinage (Van Arsdell's impressive Celtic Coinage of Britain), so pulled out my Celtic coins, and was pleased to discover this board. I saw several interesting threads, and now can understand the reference to "Kugelwange" types.

I recently finished re-cataloging, re-photographing, and uploading my Macedonian coins, and amid all that I was surprised to find that my Philip II tetradrachm was actually a Celtic imitation. Live and learn!

Here  is my Celtic gallery. It's small in size and scope, with just a handful of coins from each of the British isles and areas near the Danube.  The "ring money" deserve quote marks, at best. I'm now dubious about their status as a medium of exchange and store of value; perhaps we'll just view them as artifacts.

Thumbnails of my collection...

Ave Anaximander!

I too have been "lurking and learning" but I was inspired when I saw your post to reply. You have a lovely collection. I particularly like the Durotriges and Iceni coins. They have the 'hidden-faces' which I enjoy so much and they are very good quality. I am still in the process of cataloging and photographing my collection of coins (Celtic and Non), but I have gotten very interested in Celtic coinage and the quirkiness of the detail. Thanks very much for sharing and I look forward to seeing more in time! (Hopefully, I'll have mine up to share before too too long!).

All the best,

Cunobelin ;)

Thanks Cunobelin  +++. Methinks it time for you to roll out that gallery!  Candidate for a new year’s resolution, perhaps.

And did you know:  Once you get to three posts, you can create an avatar  :).
Perhaps you can find something related to your namesake.



Great collection,  +++ ;)



One of the most useful resources for British Celtic coins is Van Ardell's Celtic Coinage of Britain, with the book published in 1989. I was surprised and pleased to see it re-emerge as an eponymous website as a 'second edition' in 2013.  It then saw its third edition, in electronic form, in 2017.   

You can find it at:



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