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4/13/12 Edit:

This is the site which started my coin addition, so I suggest any award given it should probably contain the phrase  "Warning, Coin collecting can be addictive!"

My interest in CODED COINS was born on this web site. You could say it shaped the direction I decided to go and narrowed my collecting interests. From that interest a very specialize collection has been developed. Without the wonderful information on this web site I would never have spotted the "SISCIA MULE" that JD was having a hard time attributing and  I ended buying and writing about.

Twice after going through and toting up the prices of the available introductory books, for a university course I simply assigned Doug Smith's site, and told them then to buy whatever they liked.  Even at the end of the semester, they had not quite mastered all his pages!  Yes, they bought a lot of books, too, Sayles, Harl, vanMeter, et al., but also adored CoinArchives and Wildwinds.  I made them use Historia Numorum on line, for which I am most grateful.  But they still had to go back to Doug, over and over.
Patricia Lawrence


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