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PMah's Roman Gallery has Launched... Sort of...

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Sweet! ... hey, congrats PMah on your very cool collection (I love Roman Republic coins!)

You have a great eye for cool coins


=> keep-up the awesome work, my coin-friend!


Hi, PMah, Great coins,  ;)

Congratulation  +++


Nice gallery with some excellent coins.

Coin # 101 posted to this gallery. More to come.  For the moment, though, I am a broken numismatist, pale and exhausted by cutting and pasting.  I am going to step away from the laptop for Labor Day weekend.

Thank you for the nice comments.  I have learned a great deal from the posts of many of the commentators and look forward to doing so for quite some time.

Another 20 or so struck Roman Republic coins added today, including some quite nice denarii.  

Feel free to set up a Go Fund Me  or  any other suitable wealth transfer mechanism....  I am more easily adopted than one of the Claudii....



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