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Tracy Aiello:
Good Morning Paul,

Love that Sicinius denarius. Great write-up, and the reference to a "Bill the Cat" reverse is priceless. I really enjoy well placed wit when reading write-ups. Oh, and you can't go wrong with a Pompeian, or would that be a "Pompeian coin"?

Be well,


Tracy Aiello:
...and maybe I should finish gazing at all of the coins before I comment. Ditto my comments above on your lovely Denarius of Cn. Pompey Minor.


Blayne W:
Like Tracy, your last update got me looking at your recent Denarius, and several of them have me drooling.  Now I have a couple new coins to add to my want list .  Great additions Paul.

Thank you all for supportive comments.  As a recent "graduate " of the ANS coin photography webinar series (indeed, I have a certificate!) , perhaps I will soon be able to upgrade some of my smudgy brown coin photos to high-resolution smudgy brown coin photos.

Hi, Paul,

Some very nice coins were added lately... +++



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