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Award Logo Design Poll

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the same but with Forum logo recentered


Due to family hardship (Dad passed away) and an increased workload, I have not been lurking around as much as I do in my off-season. I apologize for not being as active, especially on this topic.  

 I would like to comment that the chosen design is fabulous, and thank Windchild for time, effort and creativity involved. Outstanding!


This is a sample of 6 logo in 125*125 with the legend "For Numismatic Excellence" in various font. The first one is the original. My favourite is the last one: a balence between a sharp readable one and a bold one answering to the "FORVM AWARD" legend.

The second, the third and the last are the most legible, at least on this monitor.

The text on the 3rd one, upper right corner, stands out most clearly for me. (If you're taking votes)  ::)


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