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This poll will be open for a week until next Tuesday 0600 GMT.  The choice button for each design is at the lower left so be careful of which one you click.  Please vote! :)

Kevin  8)

Note:  The first and fourth choices have been moved out of my webspace.  They are posted below for posterity.  They no longer have transparency as they have been converted to .jpeg from .gif.

First Choice

Fourth Choice

Joe Sermarini:
Hey my design is tied for second!  I like one with the Victory and the computer too.  And the other round one.  Heck, they are all great.

But, my favorite is clearly in the lead.  

Windchild's design has won with more votes than all others combined so there is no need for a runoff.  As for our other contestants, thank you for your entries.  Windchild, check your Instant Messages, I have a few questions about your design.

Kevin  8)

Here are the pic at 125 and 100 pix.

My opinion is to keep the 150x150 as a display, and the winner of the awards would be free to choose smaller version for their website.

The 125x125 is still corect, I may be able to enhence the reading of the legend. 100x100 is becoming a bit small...


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