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Very Rare Vespasian & Titus year 1 with a Gorgon tetradrachm added

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Jay GT4:
 On a roll with these Southern Italian coins.  This one comes from Terina, just down the mountain from where I'm from.

a beautiful coin Jay.
I really like these Terina nymphs, but have never been able to find a nice one available when I actually have money. one of these days though... one of these days.

~ Peter

Jay GT4:
Thanks Peter, I saw it the moment it was listed and the price was more than reasonable.

Hi Jay,

Nice coin! :)

Here are my Terina coins:


Jay GT4:
Thanks Meep!

Went to a coin show today but nothing caught my eye until I stumbled on this beauty.

Probus Antoninianus with a great cavalry reverse.

Not in my field of interest but the strike, surfaces and patina really make this a gorgeous coin in hand, not to mention the artistry of both the bust and the reverse.  It also comes from a very well known collection that comprised of some amazing gold coins.  This is a common but  exceptional coin.  It was very difficult to photograph.  It's so glossy it reflected light in all kinds of ways.   I'm not satisfied with the photo but I got tired of trying!  Enjoy, I know I am.


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