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Award Levels - Poll


This is a new version of an older poll.  If we have levels then we would conduct a poll of our most acclaimed sites at the end of each year.  The site with the most votes would get gold, second place silver, and third bronze.  We could also give the winners a gold, silver, or bronze bar with the year to put next to our award logo on their sites.   This poll will close Tuesday July 27 at 0500 GMT.

Kevin   8)

It shall be done.  We will have our first annual poll sometime around the end of this year (after we give the award to some sites first :tongue: , that will start very soon after the logo is chosen and a few internal logistical issues are decided upon).

Kevin  8)

erm...does this mean APART from Forum?

Otherwise a little one-sided...


18 votes out nearly 1700 registered members?  Thats pretty low voter turnout....come on boys and girls....

Sheesh, you'd think it was a US election  ::)


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