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Joe Sermarini:
So far I like mine best (with a little more work on the text and round white background).  But, of course I do since it is my idea.  Anyway, a poll will decide.  :)

I suppose it is unorthodox to help the competition :tongue: but I worked on Joe's design.  Here it is:

The letters are slightly blurred from shrinking it down, which actually helps their form in my humble opinion.  

However, this is still Joe's submission, not mine.   Yet, I prefer having the full name "FORVM AWARD FOR NUMISMATIC EXCELLENCE" in the logo, it rolls off the tongue better but like Joe says it is up to all of you to decide.  ;)

Kevin  8)

Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Pep.  Of course it is still the FORVM Award for Numismatic Excellence, I just omit the for from the logo.  Heck, Nike just has a swoosh, no words at all.   :)

You guys and your curvy letters... you need some color!

Here's my entry,


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