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It is now time and this is the place to submit your logo designs for the "FORVM Award For Numismatic Excellence".  Congratulations to Evan (wolfgang336) again for submitting this name in our recent poll :) .  Here are the rules for the design:

1.  The name of our award is "FORVM Award For Numismatic Excellence".  Use that in your logo design, do not come up with a name of your own.  I know this is obvious for most of you but I just had to make that clear before someone works hard on a useless logo. :tongue:
2.  Do not make separate logos for "Commercial, Academic, and Personal" or put those words in your design.  This issue has been decided by the "One award name or different names?" poll.  As for having categories at all, the "Categories or no categories?" poll is still open and yet to be decided.  Please stop by there to vote if you have not already at;action=display;threadid=10962
and if the answer is yes we can separate the award recipients into separate lists on the thread that will cover such.
3.  The logo is to be no larger than 150x150 pixels (smaller is preferred; rule of thumb - make it as small as possible but still completely readable and pleasant)
4.  The image is to be in the .gif or .jpeg format.  Which is better for your design depends on what is in it.  As for my very very short summary, if it involves only graphics created on your part then .gif will look better.  If it involves a picture of a real object, like a coin or landmark, then .jpeg may be better, but on some occasions .gif will be.  There are exceptions; you may want to save the image in both formats and see which is better.  Do a Google search for "gif vs jpeg" and read more if you like.

As for other issues, if you have a .gif you may want to make its background color transparent.  In other words, if your .gif background is white and the award recipient's website background is blue, transparency will make the .gif background blue.  Then when another recipient has a green background, the .gif will have a green background.  Some graphics/photo programs include this function.  If you don't have such a program, here is a free service you can use to accomplish this:

You need to upload your design to your webspace before you can use it.  Also be sure the background color on your .gif is nowhere on your design or those pixels will be transparent too.  To help, pick an odd background color like baby blue, bright green, hot pink, etc.  You do not have to make it transparent, it is just a matter of personal taste on your part.  However, there is no such function for .jpeg images, at least I know of (please post if you know of a way).

Next, keep a copy of your award image in a high resolution format like .bmp and .tif so you can go back and make changes if needed.  Saving .gifs and .jpegs repeatedly will decrease their quality each time.  Believe me, I've been in that situation and it is frustrating when you want to make changes and can't. :-[

On a similar note, those who submitted designs in the other threads, please rework them with our official name and post them here.

Also, you can upload .jpegs to this board but if you want to display your .gifs you need to upload them to your webspace and use tags with the image's address in between in your post.

Submissions will be accepted for at least a week but probably longer.  We hope to have at least six designs before we move on to the first poll.  After that, there will be a runoff poll of the top two.  I hope I covered all possible questions here, if I missed something please ask.  Good luck!

Kevin  8)  

P.S.:  Joe said he would like us to consider the FORVM logo (the four columns you see at the top) for our design.  Yet, he also said it is totally up to us as to what we design and choose.

Here is my idea:

Kevin  8)

Joe Sermarini:

I made this before I saw Pep's post.  The text came out bad, but you get the idea.  It is surprisingly similar to Pep's and I had intended to make it round too.  The differences are that I prefer the blue and white colors and all caps.    Mine is a little smaller which I like, but it may not be possible to get clear text that small.  Anyway this is not meant to be a final design, but the idea is there.  

Here is my first shot

try # 2


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