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Question on Pedigree??

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    Jerome is talking about prestigious pedigrees.  It's nice to know that your coins come from famous collections, e.g. Hall, Ryan, Jameson, Trau; or were acquired by exchange from a museum, say BM; or were in a high-quality sale such as Ars Classica, Leu, Triton.  I don't think such a pedigree has much effect on the price of a coin, however, except in the case of the Gonzaga eaglet.
     For a scholar who wants to include your coin in a study, however, EVERY known detail about its provenance is important, in order to eliminate possible double counting of the same specimen, and especially if the provenance indicates a probable findspot.  For example it's important to record that your coin came from a Bulgarian supplier, however humble, because that means it was probably found in Bulgaria!

Jerome Holderman:
I guess Provenance might have been a better word for what I was asking. I think Curtis Clay has hit the answer I was looking for . In that the details only matter to a scholar including a coin in a study. Which although unlikely in my case , is something that I had not previously considered. And is probably reason enough for me to try keeping better track of these details. After all I hopefully have a long life ahead of me so maybe by the time I am old and gray I may have a noteable collection of interest to someone? Stranger things have happened. LOL

I generally only list provenance on my website if it's someone most people would know - a famous collection or collector or a high end sale such as Triton (I only own one Triton coin, my temple of Vesta denarius). :)

Of course, sometimes it's hard to tell. I just bought a coin 'lakeview collection' and I have no idea whether that's worth mentioning or not. :)

Whether a four-digit-price coin or not, it may be useful to record, e.g., ex-Lindgren, or any other collection or auction dispersal which makes your specimen definitely a "known" specimen.  In some cases (admittedly not the majority) RPC might be glad to know what is, or what is not, a new one.  Matching a good digital photo with a re-print of an old photo of a cast is not always easy.   Also, as someone else said, when I receive a coin with an old owner's card in the flip, I keep it behind my own.  Not an "issue" to do so, sure, but why not?
Pat L.


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