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How "recently" was it sold?  A search by that item number comes up empty.  Do you perhaps have a picture of the item?


Apparently, he is talking about the following coin that was sold by Lanz on Ebay [LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN].  I'll add the picture of the coin here so that it doesn't disappear...

Jonathan P3:

Recently picked up this follis, and can't seem to find a match. Interestingly, the obverse seems to have "NI" "KA" flanking the portrait, whereas usually it is "IC" and "XC". I can't quite make it out, but it looks as though there may be some letters flanking the head -- perhaps these are "IC" and "XC", thus completing the traditional inscription on the reverse of these coins, "IC XC NI KA"? Could just be artifacts from doublestrike/overstrike, too? But I can't imagine how the NI KA could be accidental.

Jonathan P3:
whoops, look like this is actually a coin of Romanus IV Diogenes, not an anonymous follis! the obverse fooled me.


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