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Abu Galyon:
His Kevin and welcome.

I agree completely with Joe’s remark that we need separate threads to discuss your coins. Perhaps a moderator could help here?

 You should be aware that one not infrequently finds A2/3 coins which have lower weights either because they’ve been clipped or (more often) because they have been adapted and made smaller for use in jewellery. This can produce weights and diameters similar to A1. ‘No ornamentation’ is still the best distinguishing test in my view.

Bill R.

Kevin P:
Thank you, Bill.  [By the way, love your Anonymous Follis Gallery - esp the nice Class E and F ones!]

Do you mean completely different threads in the main Byzantine Discussion Room - or different posts within this thread? 

If a moderator could help do that, I would appreciate it.  If not, I'll make that happen when I have time to recreate them early next week.


I agree with Bill. Class A1 means absolutely no ornamentation on the reverse, period. 

Classes A2 and A3 can be a bit more difficult to determine at times but A1 is pretty well delineated.

Joe Sermarini:
I just added a new variety to our Anonymous| Byzantine| |Class| |A| Folles| page.  This is a new |ornaments variety, unlisted by Bellinger and Grierson, with one pellet in each limb of the nimbus cross, two pellets vertically arranged within a jeweled border on the Gospels and the ornamentation shown below under the reverse inscription. The ornamentation above the inscription is off flan but most likely the same as below. We have designated this new variety |Grierson-NumisWiki| |ornaments| F1c.

BZ86497. Bronze anonymous follis, |Anonymous| |follis| of Christ, |class| |A|3; SBCV 1818; |Grierson-NumisWiki |ornaments F1c, gVF, attractive bust of Christ, tight ragged flan, bumps and marks, edge chip, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, weight 8.514g, maximum diameter 27.9mm, die axis 270o, c. 1023 - 11 Nov 1028 A.D.; obverse + EMMANOVHL, facing bust of Christ, wearing nimbus cruciger, pallium, and colobium, holding gospels with both hands, IC - XC (Greek abbreviation for Jesus Christ) across field; reverse + IhSuS / XRISTuS / bASILEu / bASILE (Jesus Christ King of Kings), ornamentation above and below legend; unpublished variety; $300.00

See |Byzantine |Anonymous |Folles for |Sale in the |Forum |Ancient |Coins |shop.

As I read this thread, I recognized, I have an interesting piece, contemporary imitation :

B 059 Anonim Follis, SB ????, AE-Follis|, Class A2| (?), (Ancient (Barbar) Imitation),
(Class A2|, attributed to joint reign of Basil II and Constantine VIII.)
averse: +ЄMMΔ VOHΛI instead of +ЄMMA NOVHΛ, IC-XC, Bust of Christ facing, wearing nimbus cross with various |ornaments in each limb.. pallium and colobium, and holding books of Gospels.
reverse: +IhSyS / XRISTUS/ bASILEy/bASILE - in 4 lines, Greek legend, "Jesus Christ, King of Kings", all S are "revers" !!!
exergue: -/-//--, diameter: 24,5-26,6mm, weight: 9,04g, axis: 6h,
mint: Ancient (Barbar) Imitation., date: ??? A.D., ref: SB ???,

Look very similar the "F24a2 crude" but my coin is an imitation or barbaric produced ...




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