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Fibulae , id?


Found this fibulae yesterday.
Weight 18 gram
Lenght : 5 * 2,2 cm

Can anyone id this fibulae?

Ty very much.

Gr Arend

I believe that it is a variant of the Hod Hill family.  Are those traces of enamel in the back?  It looks like it but I can';t be certain.


As asked :  Indeed there are traces of ename; in the back.

Plate brooche/fibulae with paste. Roman.

No.  A plate fibula is a flat fibula.  One of the first divisions of fibulae is into plate or bow and this is clearly a bow type - it has the arched body.

Within bow type it is likely a Hod Hill type variant as the overall form and the small side lugs indicate.  It is then an enamelled sub-type.  I have yet to find an exact parallel but it would be described as:

Fibula, Hod Hill variant, enamelled.


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