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"True Cross" Pilgrim's Tokens

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Abu Galyon:
Is there any actual evidence that the figures depicted at the foot of the cross are SS Peter and Paul?  Or is it just some dealer's guess? Constantine and Helena would seem much more obvious choices, or perhaps John and the BVM.

Bill R.

If these tokens allude to the recovery of the True Cross by Heraclius, which they seem to do, the figures are indeed more plausibly identified as St. Constantine and St. Helena, rather than Peter and Paul.

Here are two tokens in my collection: the type with X's on the horizontal bar of the cross and the type with H-N-E-I in the fields.

Very nice examples, Gert.

I had never heard of these before, interesting pieces.

I was looking for the reference:

 Pilgrimage: Becket to Elvis, 1995, no. 82

That was mentioned as supporting evidence. I have JSTOR and other University access here in the states and have been unable to locate it. What type of source is it?


Vladislav D:
After spending a few hours on internet I  find  only two more small   pieces of information. One from The Britsh Museum - about what Simon Bendall donated some tokens to museum . Second one from William M. Rosenblum Rare Coins Mailbid Sale #35D ( November 10, 2005 ) LOT 409 - where says : "(See Staffordshire University's Flaxman Gallery "A Pilgrim's clay token from the Holyland" 1995-1996)"



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