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Strange Tetarteron, A Little Help.

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Hi, Here is one that has had me stumped for a while. The design is very crude and unlike any other I have seen. I believe the obverse to be the Virgin but the coin has no legend on either side so it could be Jesus. If anyone has any ideas about this coin please comment. AE 14/17mm

Thanks !


Anybody have any ideas about this, could this be a latter denomination? As I stated before it is so crude compared to my other tetarterons maybe it is a ancient imitation? :-/

Maybe it's a Judean coin.

No, its got images on it.

No I agree, it has to be a late byzantine coin ( After Alexius I ) or an ancient imitation. I have about 40 tetarterons and this one is similar but cruder in the portrait style and a little heavier than most. I am going to get a new reffrence book soon and maybe that will answer the question. I will note it on the board when the question is solved. :-/


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