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Bronze brooch, anyone knows this type??


This small brooch of bronze is 3,1x1,8 cm, decorated with 3 punched cirkles. The ends looks like some kind of animal heads. Does anoyone knows about date and origin of this artefact? I have not come across any similar myself.

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Pierre P.


This is a damaged example of an animal head "swastika" fibula.

Two of the arms are almost complete - I think there is some damage to the animal's ears and snout.  The other two arms are broken off.  The ring marks in the heads are the animal's eyes.  It is often descrobed as horse's heads but I am not sure if that is what they actually are or not.

I will try to look up more information but they are Roman, I think around 2nd century AD (you can see that yours was pin-back not spring-back).  They are often found in the Balkans.


fibula with four horse heads.

Thank you very much for the information and picture! Great to finally learn somthing about that fibula.


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