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--- Quote from: Joe Sermarini on March 11, 2011, 12:29:38 am ---I made a few edits.  With a very long list, I think it is necessary to distinguish between which refs are more important. 

If you edit in some other program and paste into NumisWiki, please paste it into notepad or textpad first and save it as a text file.  Other software tends to add its own code.

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I had already done that by dividing the material into sections, but I think it is good that you moved the main references to the top for people to see them first. In what concerns what is more important in terms of references, that's a relative issue. If you want to attribute your new coin then of course the latest references will be what you need. On the other hand, if you are interested in the history of Byzantine numismatics or Byzantine finds in a certain region, other references will be important. Anyway, I think the list looks good and has a good breadth and depth; hopefully people will add more titles and I suggest we keep this discussion open for people who make changes on the list and want to explain/discuss their choices.

The 2nd edition of MIBE is out.  I actually bought it several months ago but neglected to post about it. Officially it is:

Money of the Incipient Byzantine Empire, Anastasius I - Justinian I 491 - 565, 2nd edition revised (with additions), Wolfgang Hahn with the collaboration of M.A. Metlich, VIN Band 15, Wien 2013.

While I have MIBE II (or MIBEC) I never had the first edition of MIBE so I can't tell how much is changed.  Obviously the MIBE Addenda material that was in MIBE II, including the plates, has been incorporated.

Dr. Hahn's intro to the second edition notes that it is not a mere reprint but a revision.  I have found several spots where he revises his previous conclusions.

Personally I love the MIBE series. This volume is large format, hardcover, with 178 pages plus 37 pages of B&W plates, all on high quality paper, plus 5 large fold outs with "Vienna school" type charts.

I have already revised all of the attributions in my modest collection.


Joe Sermarini:


--- Quote from: joma-tk on March 06, 2011, 06:17:47 am ---
--- Quote from: Joe Sermarini on March 05, 2011, 08:26:45 pm ---Please take a look.  Corrections and additions appreciated. 

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1. D.M. Metcalf:  Coinage in the Balkans 820-1355
This is a 286 pages book, full of information concerning the development of monetary economy in the region. Not suitable for beginners. It has 15 plates with coins depicted but it is a study book and not a refference book. I rate it as very good.

Hope it helps


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Old post I know but this book listed above Coinage in the Balkins  by Metcalf replaced with " Coinage in Southern Eastern Europe 820-1396" also by Metcalf.  In the cover notes he mentions the book was pirated in the United States. He then rewrote the book and expanded Including the new information compiled since the original publishing in 1965. The new book was published in 1979.

Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Simon. How I managed to never buy this book, I don't know. I have added it to Numiswiki and have one on order.


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