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Good idea - i will search my very best!

Also for seals?

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--- Quote from: byzcoll on September 15, 2010, 04:35:10 pm ---Of course Sear, MIB, MIBE, MIBEC, probably also Grierson, DOC.

--- End quote ---

In my opinion just these and the two Bendall's books on Paleologean coins.


This is a 1/8 siliqua of Heraclius, Ravenna mint, with a cross potent on steps on the reverse. Only two known specimens to date! found online in a recent auction;
Reference given: LHS 102, 476.

9 mm, 0.26 g


An unpublished globular solidus of Justinian II. The globular shape suggests Carthage mint, the I in the field on the reverse is interpreted as regnal year 10, the year of Carthages capitulation. (The coin may also have been struck outside Carthage by the retreating Byzantines or may be even on Sardinia.) Extremely rare, I could track two examples only, this one and one auctioned by Sothebys.

11 mm, 4.37 g


This is an intersting and may be so far unique hybrid: obverse is a bearded Justin II from a die used for the full weight solidi (Sear 344), but as the reverse reveals it is a 22 siliquae light weight issue. Actually full weight and 22 siliquae issues sometimes share the same obverse dies, but I have never seen or read of this combination.



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