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John Comnenus-Ducas
Copper trachy
St Theodore, John L., and St Demetrius holding cross circle between


This solidus of Heraclius, Constantinople mint, is unusual because it belongs to the second emission and lacks an officina letter on the reverse. The reverse die is known for the type Sear 729A. However Sear 729A is from the first emission of solidi with the obverse inscription d NN hERACLI PER AVI. The obverse of the coin shown below is from the second emission (Sear 730 series), reading d N hERACLIUS PP AI. It may be unique to date. Also see the corresponding thread in the general discussion section.


At first glance this solidus of Leo III looks like a normal Sear 1504 specimen. The obverse legend ending in  :Greek_Mu: :V2: :L: :Greek_Delta: places the coin into Füeg's 7.D series, minted in 735/736 AD.

However the reverse legend ending in  :Tcurl: :Greek_Iota: :Greek_Nu: :V2: :dash: :S: with an apostrophe is unlisted.

Reverse legends in this series either end with a plain  :Greek_Nu: :V2: :S: (7.D.1) or with greek numbering, i.e.  :Greek_Nu: :V2: :Greek_Alpha:,  :Greek_Nu: :V2: :Greek_Beta:,  :Greek_Nu: :V2: :Greek_Zeta:,  :Greek_Nu: :V2: :Greek_Theta:,  :Greek_Nu: :V2: :S: :Greek_Iota: or  :Greek_Nu: :V2: :Greek_Iota:. The meaning of the numbers is not known.

My guess: In light of this numbering system the apostrophe in the "new" reverse may indicate, that in this case the  :S: is meant as number 6 and not as the last letter of the name.


Iustinianus 8-nummium, Thessalonica mint.
 :Greek_Alpha: :dot: :Greek_Iota: :Greek_omega_small:  above  :Greek_Eta:
Unlisted variety presented in this forum some time ago by W. Leimenstoll.


Recenlty I found on e-bay this one:
Heraclius half follis Thessalonica mint Sear 828.
Heraclius on the normal coin wears a helmet with cross (similar to the one on the coin posted by Byzcoll three posts above this one).
Here, as you can see, Heraclius wears a crown with trefoil ornament which was not recorded thus far.



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