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As you all know, Constantinopolis folles of Iustinianus are always struck with a cross above M.
You will never find a specimen with a christogram or a chrismon or anything else in its position.
Well not exactly. Althought I had never seen –so far- any specimen with anything else but a cross, Hahn mentions in MIBE that for year 30 only, some limited quantities of ceremonial folles were struck with a christogram above M.
Recently I was fortunate enough to find on e-bay an unlisted variation of the above type with the christogram inverted.


This previously unknown solidus of Justinian I has recently been auctioned in Germany. It bears the hitherto unseen mintmark ALEXAOB, which is interpreted as Alexandria, but notably the lettering is all Latin, not Greek as seen with a later issue of Justin II (A :Greek_Lambda:  :Greek_Xi: OB).


Again, as in a previous post of mine some days ago, I present a coin which of course does not officially exist.
Barbaric hybrid of Anastasius follis from Antioch (presumably...) with a reverse resembling Iustinianus follis.


I think it could be useful to contribute here even coins with small  "deviations" from normal.
So here goes an Iustinus I pentanummium, Sear 74, with CON inverted.


Here is an interesting Iustinianus 16 nummium.
There were supposed to be two dots on each side of H.
Sear 180, unpublished variation.


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