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enameled seal box?


Rodrigo A:
Bougth it last year, I was told it is Roman, What do you think

pictures are not clear, but the earliest one and can be indexed to the late Roman period.

oma of the late Roman iron and glass can be used to old ideas.

I wonder how much size?

best regards.

Rodrigo A:
This was the description it had : Circa 1st-3rd century AD. Bronze enameled seal box lid. Length: 26 mm. The suspension loop is intact. Cf. Celtic and Roman Artifacts by Nigel Mills lot RB296, page 97, var. Found in the Balkans, it was an auction, paid $13


That is exactly what it is.  It is obviously broekn as it would have been a full diamond once.  The enamel is in good shape for the price paid - nicer enamel is quite rare on these.  Enamel colours changes very much with age so it is hard to be sure but the blue was almost certainly blue, the pale rose likely red, and the middle band might have been yellow or green.

I think these are more likely 2nd - 3rd century based on fact that those are the dates for fibulae (brooches) with similar enamel.  It is very rare for 1st century to have such enamel.  In 1st century AD heavier, unenamelled seal boxes were the norm.  I have unfortunately never heard of a 4th century seal box so I don't know what they are like.



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