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Byzantine follis and decanummium


Greetungs.  This is my first attempt at attributing Byzantines.  No references, just use WW and Forum so if I'm way off, please help!

28mm, Anonymous follis, Class A2(???)
Obv: Christ, nimbate facing, Book of Gospels (?)
Rev:  +IhSUS/XRISTUS/BASIL(e?)/BASIL(e?) in four lines
strange lines at bottom ???

18mm, Ae decanummium
Justinian I, 527-565 AD
Obv:  DN IVSTINI ANVS PP AVC (STIN visible left)
Rev:  I, cross above, A/N/N/O left, regnal year rt., XXXV
Constantinople, 561-662 AD
Sear BYz 167, Berk 220

How close am I?

You got it almost right, the first coin may be indeed an A2 class anonymous follis, though it depends on the weight, not specified in your description: the decanummium is of Justinian I, as you said, but I think it is year 36 and not 35. Also you must know that legends are not important when you have such a big regnal year, because only Justinian I reigned for 37 years  

Thanks!  Don't have a scale at home, will weigh it tomorrow.

The follis is 7.13 g.  Is that compatible with a class A2 follis?


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