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Fibula original or fake?


I bought cheap this Fibula.
And now I would like to know that it is original or fake
I hope the pictures are good.
Supposed that the origin belongs - Crossbow Fibula type II. Roman. 300-350 CE

Dear Shandorr,

It is always impossible to give a firm opinion based only on a picture so this is my best judgement only.

The fibula looks absolutely fine to me. 

Yes this type of fibula is being faked in Eastern Europe.  However yours looks good.  The patina is very nice and varied.  The decoration looks like it was done by hand-engraving and not cast, the details are good, and the patina coverage on the decoration looks normal.  Also it seems that most fake ones are in "better condition" - I mean the fibula body is rarely bent and usually they have a pin (of course you could easily fake damage and sell a fake with no pin but generally fakes are sold as better condition examples).

In Central Europe you can find genuine examples of this type of fibula in this condition for as little as 10-20 Euros.  Maybe even 5 if you are lucky.  Of course you can pay much more too.....

I would not be worried.

Shawn Caza (otlichnik)

Thanks for such a detailed professional report.
You have helped me a lot!
I live in a part of Europe where there are many fake, I hope that you understand my concern.
Many thanks!

cot b:
I am interesting in "metal detector search" for about 4 years,and I can tell You,Shandorr,that its is really possible to find some different FIBULAS yourself. To make a good fake of fibula is posible,but it is not favorably. The price of common FIBULA is not so big,to make a lot of fakes. –°ertainly,if You hasn't a lot of experience in Metal Antiquities,You can be sure only in the fibulas you found with metaldetector yourself. You fibula look's fine for me.
Her is several fibulas and buckles from Western Ukraine I found with my metaldetector during several years:

cot b:
Parts of fibulas are more frequent finds then no brokenness  ;D
 For example common finds with metalldetector:


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