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Roman silver plated fibula??? Can somebody help to id this???

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Can somebody help me to id this artefact? or help me to find literature? It's made of silver plated bronze. 
Length: 5,33cm
Wide: 2,00cm
thickness: 3mm

On the same site were also found:
- Claudius II Gothicus Æ Antoninianus
- AR denarius Titus
- AR denarius Vespasianus
- some coins from the Constantinus era

It seem more like maybe saddle-fitting or some sort similar object. Just my guess. Much much too big for fibula.

I doubt it's really 53x20cm, that's too big for almost anything.

Sorry, my mistake:

It has to be 5,33cm x 2,0cm


In that case small fitting or buckle. Strap attach at hinge end with single rivet. Something larger attach to main portion with 4 rivet. Saddle still likely suspect. Maybe even part of cuirass? Just guess. Similar medieval detector find usually just called "strap-end". Specific use hard to say.


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