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Apulian Kraters - Can this be possible


I was looking at an upcoming auction of ancient greek pottery and saw an item that struck a familiar chord. After some searching, I found out why.

I have posted here 3 photos. Two are of a krater in a dealers inventory in Denver and one is the item up for auction.

While there are some differences, they are in fact uncannily identical.

My question for anyone with expertise in this area this an extremely rare thing to occur (two nearly identical kraters surviving the millennia)?

OR is this actually more common place (perhaps the result of an assembly line type of manufacturing process) and thus numerous nearly identical copies survive.?

OR is it possible that one or both of these are actually more modern?

BTW you will note that they are attributed to different artists (dealer and auction house attributions), despite appearing to be from the same studio.



Top photo - Haifa painter

Middle and bottom photo - Varesse painter


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