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More pottery: does anyone know what this is?

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Here´s another piece of pottery that I got hold of. But what is it? Period? Origin? Is it even old?


Probably not to old at all,just sort of an old style.

Well, I suspected it... the guy who left it in my possession said it was samian ware, but that don´t fit. I thougt it might be something else of old age, and so it was better to ask before discarding it as recent. But I guess recent is what it is then.

Anyway, hanks for confirming.


It's the right color and surface for Samian ware.  That was the first label that occurred to me, but there are several of those Roman period red wares, glazed (with a very fine engobe of the same clay) in the same way as black-glazed fine ware, only fired in an oxydizing kiln rather than with final reduction.  It was done in places with very nice, elastic, fine iron-bearing clay available, some of them in Gaul.  I don't know how late some of them may be, but perhaps Late Empire, I guess.
Pat L.
See, e.g.,
As TiberiusJulius thought, it might not be hard to make new ones, if you have the right clay, but the potter would need to know that trick of making a glaze-paint from very well levigated  clay soup from the same clay beds as the body of the pot.

Thank´s for your answer Pat! But samian ware (or Terra sigillata) was made from moulds, wasn´t it? This item is not, it seems to be handmade.

Do you then think it might be old after all?



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