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Byzantine Newbie.


I first posted this coin over on the Unleaned board as it is part of a large batch of coins I am currently cleaning. I am a complete novice with Byzantines and this is the first one I have come across. I would appreciate comments and feedback with my first stab at an attribution.

"Facing bust" bronze 1/2 follis of Justinian ?? (527-565 AD)
DN IVSTINIANVS PP AVG, with Justinian facing, holding a cross on his right hand, with a cross to his right.
Large K (stands for 20 nummi ??) on reverse, ANNO to the left, XX (regnal year 20, what dates this coin to 546/548 AD), cross above, V and Z underneath.

I take it that the V and Z are mint marks. What mint?
Can anyone help me in corfirming my first guess and maybe help me towrds a reference?
I know these are a lot of questions but I am fresh to this area and keen to learn.


You know more than you give yourself credit for! You've got it. The letters beneath the K (Greek 20) are a V over Z, and are the mark of the Cyzicus mint. The Sear number for this 208.

Thanks for that. I like to do as much of my own researhc as possible and try to only as questions when I am not clear and / or sure about some of the facts.
With this one I was just checking that my research into this completely new area for me was along the right track.
I was struggling with the V over Z, which is what I thought they were but didn't link this with Cyzicus.
The Sear reference is a bonus.
Many thanks,


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