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Ancient ceramic vessel??

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Anyone has any idea as to what this might be? Origin? How old?


Any information on size and place/region of origin?

I know very little about ancient pottery but it looks superficially similar to pieces I have seen in the Middle east (and adverstised on Israeli dealers' sites) as "juglets" circa 1000BC.  As the term juglets indicates those items were quite small.


Shawn: thanks for the reply. The size is 11,5 cm high and 8 cm wide, so it´s quite smal.

At that size, I'd call it a plain aryballos, probably Classical period, but I don't know which pottery center to assign it to.  Pat L.

I looked through one my of Middle Eastern catalogues and the form (lip, handle arrangment, button on bottom) is exactly like the Tel el-Yahudiyeh type clay juglet, middle bronze age Israel, 1730-1550 BC.  They seem to range from 17.5 to 9.0 cm tall.   

Some were brown-grey-red fabric with simple comb decoration in registers with chevrons or parallel lines.  Other were plain with red or light yellow slip.

There might be later classical era equivalents too as Slokind notes, but it is certainly an exact match for the Tel -el-Yehudiyeh type.

Did it come from a Israel or "holy land" dealer?



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