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I picked this one out from a batch of Ivo's crusties I got yesterday. Anyone got any idea what the attribution is? I can make out -NIVST(I)' on the obverse, with two facing figures, the one on the left holding a globus cruciger. On the reverse i can see (A)NNO to the left of the 'K', TES to the lower right, X to the right and BL(?) to the upper right. I don't know where to start looking.

Hi Robert,

It is a half-follis of Justinianus. I dont have Sear Byzantine and I did not see your coin in wildwinds.

The X on the right side is for the 10th year of his reign and the TES is Thessalonika (sp?)

Hope that helps some,

Thanks. Justinian was my first guess but I couldn't find anything with the two throned figures. Presumably one would be Justinian; any idea who the other would be?

His wife Theodora maybe? Or Justin I or II. ??? So either a 'missus commemorative or dynastic commemorative. :)
Personally i think it looks like a Justin II half follis with Sophia, but im still no good at Iding these.
                                               LordBest. 8)

You got it, LB. Justin II and Sophia half follis, year X, Thessalonika.


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