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this time not a coin...


Well, the most intersting for me of this lot. A silver necklace piece. Two friends told me it seems like a fish but if you turn it right 90 degrees it came to me like an armored crusader warrior; two eyes, a helmet on the head, and a long armor to the feet, depicted with lines, tails or feet-semi helezonic... I will ask about its style; is it Byzantine, Medieval European (sure, it is not Roman) or Islamic?

29 mm and 1,5 gr..

Any comments, very please...

Really, no comments??!!??  :'(

turned 90 degrees I also see a figure,  but I honestly have no ideal  what it is

If I were to take a guess,   and please note  this is just a guess, I would say medievel period  at the latest

Thank you very much for your precious comment Johnny, it is fine to see a person sharing the same idea, at least as a guess; and that is enough for me:)



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