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Three-quarter follis, Heraclius, year 629/630,
Constantinople mint, officina four, AE23
overstruck on SB841.

O:    No legend. Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine stg. facing,
   star between their heads; Hearclius wears crown and military dress,
   holds long cross, and has moustache and long bears; his son, with
   short beard, wears crown and chalmys, and holds gl. cr.; in field
   to l., Monogram 23; to r., K.
R:   Large 30 (greec numeral); to l.. ANNO; to r., regnal year (XX?);
   beneath, officina Delta; in ex., CON.

DO117; BMC202; T305; BN85-7; MIB168; H-168;

And it's, off course SB812.



--- Quote from: Simon on June 12, 2006, 06:16:59 pm ---ALEXIUS I AE Tetarteron SR- Unlisted DOC 41 
Monogram of Alexius. Rev Bust of Emperor wearing stemma divitision and jewelled loros of traditional type holds in r. hand jewlled sceptre and in l. gl. cr. 15/17

 Only one known in a major collection located in Istanbul Turkey. DOC mentions and includes the type in the catalog but does not have one in inventory.

I should have asked to have this  included this mongram with the list that was posted.

--- End quote ---

No problem Simon, new ones can always be added!  Did I draw this one correctly?

Kevin  :)

Hi Pep. catching up on your reading I see.

Replace C with Phi  :Greek_Phi:

Replace  :Greek_Lambda: with :Greek_Delta: Delta 

Happy Holidays



--- Quote from: Simon on December 21, 2006, 07:55:35 am ---Hi Pep. catching up on your reading I see.

--- End quote ---

Yes I am! :laugh:

--- Quote from: Simon on December 21, 2006, 07:55:35 am ---Replace C with Phi  :Greek_Phi:

Replace  :Greek_Lambda: with :Greek_Delta: Delta

--- End quote ---

Thessalonica, right?  You may want to check my entry on the monogram page and make any corrections:

Happy Holidays to you!

Kevin  :)


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