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sari's AE22 seems rather wide for a 12nummi.

Were later official byz issues struck so large?

Yes, the official Heraclonas and Constans II Dodekanummia are usually in the  20 - 22 mm range.

Hi all,

I'll continue the series of Arab immitations of Byzantine coins:
This is immitation of Constans II follis of Nikomedia minted in Diospolis (Lodd). This is extremally rare coin. About 10 of them are known. The prices are 1000 - 1300 USD.


Heraclius, A.D. 610-641. AE Follis. 10.85 gms. Mint of Constantinople. Obv: Heraclius, bearded, on left and Heraclius Constantine on right standing facing, each wearing crown and chlamys and holding globus cruciger in right hand, between their heads, cross. Rev: Large M between A/N/N/O and Regnal year III (A.D. 612/3), cross above, officina letter A, in exergue, CON. Sear BCV 805. Fine, double struck.

Rare only in the sense that the double strike makes it appear to be an early issue with three augustii!  Heraclonas did not actually appear on the bronze coinage until A.D. 638.


33 Nummi, Justinian, Alexandria mint, AE25

O:    DNIVSTINIANVS.AVG. Helmeted and cuir. bust facing, holding gl. cr.
   and shield; to right., cross.
R:   Large 33 (Greek numerals); above cross; in ex., ALEZ (greek).

SB246; D.O.273; B.M.C. 339-41; T. 502; R.688; B.N. 1-4; MIB146; H-164


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