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Justin I and Justinian
Sear 128 variety = Hahn 8 variety.
Crosses either side of M. Cross above. Officina number B below. In ex: NIKM
Sear does not mention the cross above head. Sear 128 is illustrated without the cross-above-head. 40-nummia.
The cross is neither mentioned nor illustrated by Hahn 8 (plate 12). DO 12 neither mentions nor illustrates a cross-above-head.
32-30 mm. 14.94 grams.
Cross above head visible.
B below M.
Unlisted. Possibly unique with the cross-above-head.

That orange patina also makes that coin very attractive, nice coin Warren.

Andronicus III, AE assarion. Constantinople. 1328-1341 AD. ANDPONIKOC, Andronicus, standing, holding sceptre / Cross with v-shaped leaves on ends. Sear 2481. DOC 912. LBC 831.

SB 2105

Did not realize how rare this coin was until I got it.  I have found no image on Wildwinds and one image on Labarum.  Sear puts it at a higher value but I am uncertain how he got that price when no examples seem to be avaiable.

Theodore II (Magn.) AE Tetarteron SBCV-2146 DOC IV 14

OBV- Star in Crescent

REV- Full length figure of emperor wearing stemma, divitision and Chalmys; holds in r hand labarum headed scepter. In l.Globus .

Size 19.36

Weight 1.8gm

DOC notes one example, no weight given size 19x16


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