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chance v:
This John VIII 1/8 stav is from the Constantine XI hoard so it is pictured, weighed, described in the Simon Bendall's "The coinage of Constantine XI" published in Revue Numismatique.  This John VIII is coin #64 in the hoard, so I have this and my Constantine XI (#148) from that hoard.  All known John VIII 1/8 stavraton come from this hoard or the Corlu hoard acording to Bendall.  There were 16 of this type in the Constantine XI hoard.

I just got this coin, and the auctioneer called it rare.  It is a silver 1/2 siliqua of Justinian I.  On the coin flip it is called a 1/2 siliqua. 

"Justinian I (527-565 AD). AR 1/2-Siliqua (14-15 mm, 1.08 g), Carthage, 534-565 AD.
Obv. D N IVSTINI-ANVS PP AI, pearl-diademed and draped bust right.
Rev. VOT / MVL / HTI within wreath.
Sear 253."
Different, being a Byzantine coin from Carthage.  "Issued at Carthage after the reconquest of the African province from the Vandals by Belisarius."  --Brian

I like this thread and I think it is worth keeping alive. I just read it again from the beginning.

Here is a rare one I picked up this summer. This is the auction houses picture. I am going to reshoot my collection in the upcoming months.

Isaac Comnenus. Usurper in Cyprus, 1185-1191. Æ Tetarteron (20mm, 2.39 g, 6h).  Struck 1187-1191(?). Facing bust of Christ Pantokrator / Crowned facing bust of Isaac, holding cruciform scepter and akakia. DOC 7; SB 1994. VF, green patina. Rare.

Excellent sample of its type

Thank You Jason, Welcome to the board.


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