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Basil II SB 1813 variant


Daniel-Alexandru B:
Hello, I have recently bought a Basil II coin with spelling problems. Are there any other known similar examples?

Joe Sermarini:
The ornamentation appears to be unlisted too. Anonymous| Byzantine| Class| A Folles

Kevin P:
Hey Daniel - thanks for your first post! 

Nice coin, by the way.  It is among the better examples of Class A2 Variety 26.  This variety, more than any other in my research, is known for blundered reverse legends.  This blundering isn't so much in the forms of the letters, but primarily with missing letters, like yours. 

Here are a couple coins of Variety 26 that exhibit this characteristic.

Hope this helps!


Daniel-Alexandru B:
Thank so much Kevin for the Info. It is very interesting.


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