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Button made from a Roman Coin



The coin is Galerius as Caesar, by the way.

From what I can find, buttons were used by the Ancient Romans. However, their flowing garments (that were usually made out of a substantial amount of cloth) required hefty buttons made out of strong materials like wood, horn, and bronze. These poked large unsightly holes into garments, and soon fell out of favor among Ancient Roman clothiers, and fibulae soon became an alternative to the button.

What are the chances that this coin was holed and made into a button in antiquity? Or was it done only a few centuries ago?

Thoughts anyone? 

The button design looks relatively modern - i.e. post-medieval.

Could have been a combination - someone found a coin holed in antiquity and that gave them the idea of making it into a button.  Who knows.



Hmm, In any case, it is certainly interesting, even if the use is later than contemporary.
I've always been interested in things like when a coin was used for some other function.
Interesting find.
Congratulations, definitely unique.


The other option is that it is an ancient modification and the way the pin was bent just looks like a modern era button fastener by coincidence.



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