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Late Byzantine? Manuel II Palaeologus


I have been struggling with this ID

15mm .50g

what I am calling the reverse appears to be a cross with devices/stars?in each quadrant

the obv i do not have a sense or orientation with how to look at it

came in with a grouping of Andronicus and Michael IX pieces appears copper.

possibly Manuel II Palaeologus 2559

Size and weight seem more consistent with a follaro than an assarion.

I wonder if there is an overstrike on the obverse?  One possible orientation might be to move 9:00 up to the 12:00 position.  That might be a head.

Hard to make out the part that is currently in the 12:00 position.  Looks like an Escher cube.

John VII Tonese SBCV-2567 , but a brockage? Size and weight fit, so does obverse.

size and weight does match the follaro

Wild winds has it as a interesting match certainly for the reverse, i need to get a better sense/pictures of the orientation of obv, does not appear to be a brockage,


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